Dear Friends,

Jackson Pro-Lifers are so very generous!

SEVENTY-FIVE good people came to the training meeting for the petition drive to ban Dismemberment Abortion!

All 14 Day Captain positions for the 40 Days for Life are already covered!

Seventy-four of Eighty-four of the fair booth shifts are covered!

God Bless you all and Thank you!

Here is what we need next:

1. If you can fill one of the 10 remaining Fair Booth Shifts click below for more information and to sign-up: Sign Up!

2. Please start praying for the success of the 40 Days for Life which will run from September 25 – November 3.
-Share the intention with your prayer groups; Catholics can have Masses offered for this intention.
-Will you recruit one NEW Church to participate? We need a fuller representation of the Body of Christ on this mission. Please talk to friends from Churches that have not yet signed up to participate and ask them to talk to their pastor. Kathy and I are happy to meet with any pastor who is willing to consider and would like more information. See:

3. If your Church is not yet on board to collect signatures for the extremely important Citizens Initiated Petition to Ban Dismemberment Abortion, will you be the one to get it started? Lots of information at
Kathy has petitions and information.

God Bless you all!

Beth Thorrez
Jackson 40 Days for Life Coordinator
517 262-1750

Kathy Potts Executive Director, Jackson Right to Life

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