Our developer license has expired. We will not have any new Apps. This affects new downloads to Phones and Tablets. You can listen via the Web Page and the Radio.

Existing App users can continue to use the App they have, but will not be able to download the App again to a new devise or re-download the App if they lose their current download.

The good news is that Real Big Marketing has done a great job making the web page work across all devises. You can go the Home Page and play our radio stream no matter what you use to connect to the internet. Since the Web Page works better and offers more that the Apps, we have decided to let our developer license expire when it came time to renew.

Originally, the only way to listen on a phone or tablet was to get the App. That is no longer the case. The App is an unnecessary expense for a Radio Station that operates on a shoestring budget.

We welcome any comments and feedback you may have.

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