Faith Matters

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM – Dr. Brian Bradford is a renowned scholar of comparative religions, concentrating on the timely topic of Islam and the Middle East. A native of Jackson, Michigan, Dr. Bradford completed his doctoral studies in history at Western Michigan University. He has extensive teaching experience in ancient and medieval history and has lectured on comparative religion, the early history of Monasticism, and Christian references in Islamic tradition.

MYSTERY OF THE SHROUD: WHO IS THE MAN IN THE CLOTH? – Phillip Campbell and Tony Cherniawski will investigate the Shroud of Turin, including the image itself and its formation, the history of the Shroud, scientific studies of the Shroud, and its devotional value. Tony Cherniawski has studied the Shroud for 25 years and has traveled extensively to determine its origin and authenticity.

GOLDEN WISDOM: THE PHILOSOPHY OF ST. THOMAS AQUINAS – Phillip Campbell and Dr. Ronald Muller will examine Thomism, including the theory of natural law, the nature of faith, the interrelationship of faith and reason, the evidence of the existence of God, and much more. Dr. Ronald Muller is the former Provost of Ave Maria University and has been teaching classical and medieval philosophy for over 45 years.

September Audio Archive

Golden Wisdom Part 21 Further Reflections On Aeterni Patris 190822, September 21st, September 22nd

Golden Wisdom Part 20 Further Reflections On Aeterni Patris 190822, September 14th, September 15th

Golden Wisdom Part 19 Further Reflections On Aeterni Patris 190822, September 7th, September 8th

Golden Wisdom Part 18 Thomism To Aeterni Patris 190809, August 31st, September 1st

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