Award-winning novelist Bill Kassel interviews authors, reviewers, publishers, marketers, and other key figures in the world of Catholic communications. This engaging series is for readers, writers, and everyone who loves books and cherishes our freedom to proclaim the Christian message.

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Free Expression Episode 13, January 2nd, January 3rd 2021
Revisiting some of the best interviews from 2020: (1) Joe Wetterling on the Catholic Writers Guild; (2) Mark Evans on Cultural Conservation; (3) Fr. Joe Krupp on multi-media evangelization.

Free Expression Episode 12, December 5th, December 6th 2020
Writer/artist Annette Israel reflects on the spiritual journey of caring for a sick horse, recounted in her book, “A Deal for Nefertiti”; William Albrecht and Fr. Christiaan Kappes discuss their book, “The Definitive Guide for Solving Biblical Questions About Mary.”

Free Expression Episode 11, November 7th, November 8th 2020
Catholic communications specialist Patrick Novecosky reflects on the unique character and historic impact of the late Saint Pope John Paul II; while British writer and documentarian Claire Anderson examines John Paul’s prayer life.

Free Expression Episode 10, October 3rd, October 4th 2020
Pro-Life TV host Fr. Michael Orsi examines the sensitivities of addressing political topics in church; John Emmet Clarke, editor of Cluny Press, tells how his firm is bringing back classic Catholic books; popular blogger Kathy Schiffer suggests good Catholic books for Christmas giving.

Free Expression Episode 9, September 5th, September 6th 2020
Dennis McGeehan, author of “The Diaries of Joseph and Mary,” discusses a Christian novelist’s responsibility to his source material; scholar Vincent Carducci on the importance of communications theorist Marshall McLuhan; Bill Kassel offers a song from his 2006 album, “On This Mountain.”

Free Expression Episode 8, August 1st, August 2nd 2020
Author, filmmaker, tour director Steve Ray talks about his conversion to Catholicism, and how he uses all media to convey Church history and the Christian message.

Free Expression Episode 7, July 4th, July 5th 2020
(1) Fr. Joe Krupp, pastor of two Michigan parishes and a columnist for Faith Magazine, discusses his multi-media outreach during the Coronavirus lockdown; spiritual director Lonnie Applegate reviews the book, “Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits,” by Dan Burke; (3) Idaho-based Catholic singer Jaime Thietten sings the classic gospel song, “His Eye Is On the Sparrow.”

Episode 6, June 6th, June 7th
(1) Fr. Joseph Fessio, founder of Ignatius Press reflects on how he selects books to publish; (2) Julie Bogart discusses her youth writing-instruction program, Brave Writer; (3) Victoria Strauss of the Writer Beware website on avoiding self-publishing scams.

Episode 5, Coming May 2nd, May 3rd
(1) Cultural activist Mark Evans discusses the importance of preserving our literary and musical heritage; (2) Doug Shumard, founder of Good Shepherd Catholic Radio, reflects on bringing Catholic radio to south-central Michigan, and discusses his book, “Forever Thirteen,” about how faith was tested by a family tragedy.

Episode 4, April 4th, April 5th
(1) Joseph Pearce, editor of St, Austin Review, explores prospects for a Catholic literary revival; (2) Author and publisher Ellen Gable discusses “The Lion’s Heart,” a novel examining the human side of sexuality conflict, by Georgia-based Catholic author Dena Hunt; (3) Greg McLogan, son of the late independent Catholic writer Russell McLogan, discusses “Boy Solder,” his father’s book on experiencing World War II as a young man.

Episode 3,  March 7th, March 8th
(1) Professor and author Anthony Esolen discusses the decline of Catholic-focused popular fiction; (2) Jeff Nelson of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute explores the political and cultural impact of his late father-in-law, the great Catholic intellectual Russell Kirk; independent authors Bud and Gloria Vear reflect on their experience developing a family history book.

Episode 2, February 1st, February 2nd
(1) Joe Wetterling, president of the Catholic Writers Guild. discusses the current Catholic literary scene and how the Guild helps aspiring writers; (2) Canadian author and speaker Shawna Arnold, reflects on her painful conversion journey, as documented in her book, “From Darkness Into Light.”

Episode 1, January 4th, January 5th
(1) Doug Keck, host of EWTN’s “Book Mark” TV series surveys the state of Catholic writing, and cautions about current threats to freedom of religious expression; (2) Theology Professor Virginia Lieto reviews “Stirring Slumbering Souls,” a book on Eucharistic Adoration by Lay Dominican Michael Seagriff; (3) Louisiana Catholic singer-songwriter Nicole Ackoury’s “Give Me a Song” is featured.